Barn Rules, Safety & Ettiquette

Each person is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their horses.


There are trash containers, shovels, brooms and muck buckets available for the disposal of manure, hair, hoof cleanings and general refuse in the aisle, wash stall, indoor and/or outdoor arena and outdoor grounds.


Do not leave trash – water bottles and those infamous candy wrappers – around the barn, arena, or parking areas. Candy wrappers are particularly dangerous for our horses.


Common sense and courtesy at all times.


Practicing safe riding principles and good barn etiquette can mean many years of happy, healthy riding enjoyment for you and your horse.


All boarders, trainers, instructors, students and staff are required to wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet when mounted on a horse (NO EXCEPTION) for pleasure and instruction.


Long pants and riding boots with a heel must be worn for riding. Jackets should be securely fastened/not flapping around.


Jumping is allowed only during instruction by either Brittany or her authorized assistants.


No running or screaming in the barn or around the barn unless it is an emergency


Please do not give treats to horses other than your own, unless approved by the owner


Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Children may not walk or play in the back isle.


If something is not yours, DO NOT touch it. Ever. This includes horses  and tack.


Please do not borrow something that isn’t yours.


Put everything back where you found it. Everything. Tack, grooming boxes, wheelbarrows, manure forks, etc. If you bring your own stuff to the barn, label it.  We can’t be responsible for everyone else’s stuff (we have enough of our own to track!)


Do not coach other people in the barn. There is only one insured instructor at this facility, and we don’t want accidents.

If you have a problem with someone or something, please see Brittany. Do not complain to other boarders. We are a drama-free barn, and when you complain to others, Brittany ALWAYS hears about it. If you’d like to stay at Somerview Farm, you’ll refrain from gossip of ANY kind.

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